Anybody used muller as st in 4-3-3?

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How did he play? I want lewa and can afford him but being a bit tight with the way prices are as I don't have coins (or cash) to chuck away. Feedback very much appreciated guys.


  • t0mom
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    Tried him a bunch at both ST and CAM in this formation and personally I don't think he plays as good as he probably should. Don't get me wrong he has quality, he's just a bit inconsistent. Every so often he'll do something brilliant but I couldn't tell you the amount of times he's let me down in front of goal. Always find that he works best as a False 9 when playing alone up top; him and Draxler link up beautifully at times for me.

    As a cheaper alternative to Lewa i'd probably still recommend him, just make sure you have a solid CAM to play off him.
  • FRAZtheRAM
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    Use him in 433 (4) with Lewa as striker and him as CAM.
    Chuck Vidal one side and Kante the other and hybridise your way from there...
    Lewa has been great since I got him. Really constant finisher as always but him and Muller play off each other ace!
  • JuliantbX
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    Muller had 100+ goals in +- 70 matches for me as striker. This Guy with Hunter on him finishes anything. And the runs .. Omg. Matter of time before I rebuy him.

    Edit: 433(4) that is
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