10 Seasons, 9 titles - How I won Division 1 undefeated

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Completed my mission of winning Division 1 in every FIFA since divisions was introduced. Managed to get promoted every season played and got the title every season but the one in Division 2. I play both counter attacking and possession, defending on my opponent.


The team


Season stats


Custom tactics


Player instructions

Strikers: Get in behind, Press backline, Stay central
COM: Stay forward, Free roam, Get in the box
LCM: Stay back
RCM: Default
CDM: Stay back, Cut passing lanes
Fullbacks: Stay back

Despite this I've never managed to finish Elite i Weekend League :D Finishing Gold 1 regularly, best being 29 wins the weekend before they lowered requirements for Elite. Finished Elite 2 for the monthly though.

Feel free to ask any questions!


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