How do you use POTM Son?

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I'm a D1 player and usually get Elite on the weekends when I play all my games but I have scored 2 goals in 27 games with POTM Son. He is horrid for me. How do you guys use him? Preferably if you use him a squad with SBC Lacazette let me know.


  • DirtyDishFC
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    I dont much care for him other than a sub. I had everything needed to get him and made like 50k while doing so, otherwise he would be a regret. I do like bringing him on as a sub as he will get back defensively and he can do all the requisite things to facilitate play. I havent used him much since I got SBC Costa and SBC Payet cause I start Payet and then Costa comes on at CAM around the 70th minute when Payet is fatigued.

    I have watched people use him on streams and such and they seem to get the best out of him as a LF or even a striker. Personally, I wouldnt use him at striker cause he is weak and if I am gonna have a weak striker, I want him to have 4* skills. LF is probably your best bet. Or change formations and use him at CAM maybe.
  • uhMaZiiNq
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    Striker on stay forward, get in behind.

    Was really good through 30 games then got kinda stale and hasn't been scoring nearly as much. 4* skills would make him soooooo much better.
  • DirtyDishFC
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    I would never force this but maybe got 4-3-2-1 and start him at LCM. In the front 3 have Martial-Lacazette-Sissoko. Probably Kante CCM and whomever French or EPL at RCM. Then in game switch to two striker formation with a CAM, with Son at CAM and Martial-Lacazette at striker. Then the midfield 3 would be random EPL CM, Kante, Sissoko RCM. That would probably work if you wanted to try and see if Son will work there.

    Otherwise use him as a sub at CAM or at LF/ST. If its as a striker I would definitely have Lacazette be on to give a bit of strength.
  • DoD_Jester
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    I play him at lm (was at striker but switched form) in a 4411, gets up and down the field great and covers really well for Azpi's slight lack of pace at LB, going forward I just use him to recycle possession and cross in (the 5* wf makes him unpredictable and having Lukaku up top makes good use of that fact), he's also one of the better players I've used this year for no touch dribbling, just seems to blow past fullbacks for me, giving him the space to whip in one of those crosses I mentioned before

    As a striker, similar to o uhmaziinq, he was great for around 20 games scoring from everywhere then he went a little off the boil, though in fairness as did I at the time

    I'm by no means an 'elite' player btw, currently in d2 and average silver 1 or gold 3 in wl, just thought I'd share my thoughts
  • Painter753
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    Striker on 7 chem.
  • Falafelmonster
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    Super sub on RF... long shots for days
  • ChrisLFC
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    As a Sub (Usually for my LM/RM) He's really good at closing out a game when you're leading. He gets forward on the counter and tracks back well.
  • The longest yard
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    By putting him on the bench because hes awfull
  • MisterJV
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    hes trash for me as well, decent finesse shot
  • Keep him on the bench. That's how he played for me. Does a great job there
  • Jaxite
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    You don't
  • Wolver
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    ST or LF he is always busy in my team. I love this about him
  • Il THE WOLF lI
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    Sub him in usually either ST or CAM so that way he can use his crazy longshots which is a lot since all people do now is hide behind Low Pressure/Counter Attack/Park The's honestly sad.
  • Uberman
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    By putting him on the bench because hes awfull

    Exactly what i did with mine

    Turning Circle of a Truck

    Clunky as hell
  • LeonidasJB
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    Plays LM does a good job. Not expecting him to score loads from LM.
  • Stewie26
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    I have always played him LW in my teams.. 69 games played.. 38 goals....42 assists. Think he's an ace player.
  • Recardo
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    i had more success with his NIF
  • Danz80
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    scored 4 in the semi and the winner in the final fut champs last night....Love my Son...
  • TacoDaPug
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    Striker playing on the left in 41212-2 along with Potm Hazard, get in behind, press back line. Just receive the ball and shot, score. So great. Has 80ish goals and 50ish assists in 180 games, most as a sub. I now use them both as my main strikers, just amazing.
  • The longest yard
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    Uberman656 wrote: »
    By putting him on the bench because hes awfull

    Exactly what i did with mine

    Turning Circle of a Truck

    Clunky as hell

    Im glad he only cost me 5k
  • Lord Helton
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    I use him in my 3412 team, LM, set to come back on defence. Great at stopping the counter attack, but hasn't got a goal or assist since I changed to this formation.

    Used to use him at LF in a 4321 where he would score 2-3 goals one game then do nothing for 2-3 games.
  • CPFC16
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    He's hopeless for me aswell, playing him LF and LW has 6 goals in 34 games.
  • S P 4 C E Y
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    I bring him on as a sub. Scored two yesterday to win me the semi final in the WL qualifier.
  • iBaIIeR
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    He seems to be a polarizing player to say the least haha. I guess he is just suited more for some people than others.
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    Rubbish for me clunky and weak imo
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    Hits crossbar religiously. I tried to like this card as I am fan of his in real life
  • Kieren1888
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    ive played 235 games with him scored 178 goals and 92 assists. Probs the last 30-40 games have been as a sub. He is amazing for me, his longshots are the best ive used. The big touch is really good with him to get by people.
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    I use him as a super Sub in cm. And he's class there, can take advantage of his longshots there too.
  • Blake
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    LW Stay forward stay wide
  • Jake
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    Super sub for me after about 70. He's amazing late on
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