Lemme tell ya a little story about FUT CHAMPS

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So this past weekend I played more games than I ever have in my life... trying to get to Elite for the Monthly rewards. Elite monthly is not all that hard if you play all the games each week, but I usually only play about 25-30 of them...

Anyway I needed 26 wins to get Elite monthly and I made it. That is not the point of this. The point is to tell you that I was literally the most exhausted I have ever been playing a video game in my entire life. See the number of games is high, no doubt, but it was more the manner of the games that was fatiguing - I'd say 50% or more went to overtime. TBH, I don't even care if I lose to someone who is actually good. I welcome it! I got beat by the dude MehdiBob 3-1 and I genuinely enjoyed the game.

Sadly that is not the norm. The norm looks something more like this:
Here are the final stats of a game I lost on Sunday.

Ok so what, right? I lose games like that pretty regularly in Fut Champs. Well this one was a bit more annoying then usual because I was battering this guy, he scores on a counter in 45th... and then I am hitting him with everything I got, but Fahrman would not allow it.... no way in the world would he be beaten........ of course, not until the 90th, when he mainlines some kryptonite... and I score with ease. See here:

So this is of course frustrating, but alas EA has at least given me a shot. I will likely win in OT right? Or at least on Pens? I am actually like 80% win rate on pens so that is no problem.

Soooooooooo........ it is the 120th, of course, and, well........ this happens. (note stone hand Cech - never again BTW)


Would you KYS?


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