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82 sbc upgrade packs rigged on ps4?

1301 posts Professional
I've done 30 of them now best players = discard 82

Am done with them now they seem hard locked at 82-83 on ps4 imo.


  • Richehb1
    958 posts Professional
    i got marchisio in my 3rd
  • racecar101
    1301 posts Professional
    I think because of all the ps4 glitches and abusers ea have nerfed card weight on ps4.
  • RJ8
    166 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    packed 88 Cech on my first try
  • LiamSully
    6864 posts Big Money Move
    Got Willian in my 1st pack

    Alexis Sanchez too from about 10-15 packs

    Def higher rated players in there, try stacking 3 or more packs before you open them
  • mhh1981
    3003 posts National Call-Up
    I got a 86 leno duplicate
  • racecar101
    1301 posts Professional
    edited November 2016
    I did 30 stacked best pull was 82 rulli.
    EA have flagged my account with bad card weight I AM DONE.
  • Mini_Miudo
    9984 posts Has That Special Something
    I got a walkout, but it was David Silva, so I'd rather not have had a walkout.
  • BO0OM
    3727 posts National Call-Up
    Mini_Miudo wrote: »
    I got a walkout, but it was David Silva, so I'd rather not have had a walkout.

    He was also my first walkout i feel you hahahaha
    But nothing is worse then packing pepe i thought i will get s heart attack

    Packed only crap from about 5x +82 pack :(
  • tribefaninnc
    343 posts Sunday League Hero
    I got an IF Sokratis on my second pack. Got discard 82 and slightly above discard 83 on the other two attempts. Quitting while I'm ahead.
  • rensstyle
    427 posts Sunday League Hero
    done 4 of 5, best was xhaka and got fonte 3 times, now im done..., wish is saved the players dir ither sbc
  • NindozG
    2852 posts National Call-Up
    done it 40 times and got robben, suarez, movember lacazette and tons of 84+. Not for me
    69 posts Park Captain
    in my 5. pack i got Lloris and the 7. pack i got Messi, been playing Fut for 7 years and i have never packed a elite player #pack(un)luck - so im quite happy with 82+ rated sbc - only sad it's untradeable, but then again you aim for getting that little f****r or the high f****r
  • Pengwin
    1324 posts Professional
    Gundagon in 2. Slot right into my Bpl side
  • SF9
    8387 posts League Winner
    I got Lewandowski... So yeah..
  • Djkhalid1921
    9646 posts League Winner
    edited November 2016
    I got godin and coutinho
  • Delboy13710
    6295 posts Big Money Move
    Moutinho repeat Moutinho again repeat then xhaka duplicate from the earlier gold upgrade lol
    The only way I'm playing with messi this year is in seasons
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