Just noticed something about this forum...

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Might have been the same on the old forums and I never noticed...

Curse words are censored but if you quote someone who cursed it isn't censored anymore until you post it again, Example: ****

In the post it should show up as **** but if you quote me you will then see the actual word. Once you post it again it will show up as **** in the post.

Also if you type a curse word in the search feature, it actually finds results and highlights every time it was used even though the word is blocked out. Example: (I type the same word as my previous example into the search feature)

Personally I don't care one bit, I don't get offended very easily and may be known to curse myself from time to time ;) just seems strange that they censor stuff but then if you quote it its not censored, so why even bother censoring anything would be my question?
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