Monday Crash

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So guys do we still think this crash will happen on Sunday/Monday after the WL is over?

I would have thought yes, but now with the new SBCs clearing a lot of the high rated cards off the market I'm not so sure?

What do you think?


  • JimmyVulmer
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    Probably not with hundreds of people on here posting about it so everyone expects and prepares for it
  • EliteOJ
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    edited November 2016
    It already happened a few days ago, players are just going up now. Aguero +50k in last few days.

    Edit: Saying that, I'm not going to rule out another crash in the next few days.
  • rickir1
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    Only wondering out of interest guys - have my team bought during the real crash. Just curious to see other perspectives on it is all :)
  • Shane
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    Doubt it. There might be a small drop but I don't think there will be a crash
  • Rootseyyy
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    Isn't going to happen on Monday for lower 84 rated players cause of this sbc
  • JHiL
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    People panic buy atm. Bale is now close to 500k. At the start of november he was 450k. Prices are very high atm, I guess a drop in price is almost certain.
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