Least fun FIFA yet or am I too old

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This year FIFA 17 is just not fun I feel the AI involvement is so heavy now that the game has lost the pure enjoyment football games use to give.

I loved pro evo and found it challenging without ever feeling cheated or hindered. I really loved the game up till FIFA 09 and switched and up until UT team came out loved the game.

From that point forward the game has slowed become irrationally irritating getting worse each release, yet the demos always promise so much each year. Then you get the game one patch later and your pulling your hair. ""EA HAS HAD IT WITH YOUR CAREER MODE **** PLAYYYYYYYYY ULTIMATE TEAM OR ELSE WE WILL MAKE YOUR BELOVED CAREER MODE EVEN MORE PAINFUL""

Sometimes I think shall I play or will it just leave me irritated all night after. No game in history has pissed me off like FIFA does nowadays.

Maybe I'm wrong and possibly I've lost the love for games completely and really this is what the next generation love. I think this maybe the case as I find as an Xbox player that most games nowadays are money spinners with little thought for the actual game play.

Time to start a family and let the nex generation play I think.


  • Momalpas123
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    The game is finished for cm players. Surprised people are still bothering with it. I've given up, but not to play UT. Just doing fm17. I'll never give this set of a holes another dime.
  • TheBib
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    It's a sad state of affiars but yes we the offline lovers are done for.

    EA are too profit driven. They care not for customers but for €€€

    Sorry, but it's true.

    They're a business that's all about making money and as much of it as possible. That's why they keep milking the ultimite team cow and it's far from dry yet. Other money focused business see them miling it and want some too. Now you even have Call of Dury milking it with their 'COD points' for example.

    It's dissapointing but unless we have strenght in numbers we are powerless. We dont have that strenght in numbers because the numbers are mainly space heads who keep donatinf their money to EA for a virtual card. And EA is pulling all the strings, a players only as good as they want him to be and the game is as hard as they want it to be.
  • Cooler08
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    This gen has been a total disappointment.

    I would prefer the Fifa 10 days on the PS3 to now, and that is going back 7 years ago. Online gaming was free and playing online was actually fun and challenging, and the game was more balanced.

  • Webdizzle
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    Couldn't agree more with you all. Sad but true.
  • Ripsmokey78
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    yea because 16 was sooo good ffs.
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    yea because 16 was sooo good ffs.

    Not sure what your saying here?

    Are you agreeing or being sarcastic
  • Lee1979
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    I still don't understand why almost every team you play is happy with a draw. Regardless of what team you are or who you're playing they are happy with a draw and if it's still deadlocked with 10-15 mins to go, they park the bus.

    I always pick one of the poorest teams in League Two. but the likes of Portsmouth, Notts County and Carlisle Utd, who should be pushing for the title are happy to play out a draw against my 55 rated players. Even Cups games against higher league teams are the same.

    I got all the way through, up the leagues and into the Champions League with teams terrified of my very average squad.

    Fifa 15 was just a pace feast, Fifa 16 killed the pace, but made every game boring with the CPU happy to pass it around the back for 90 mins, this year's started well at launch but was way too easy, then they patched it but it just feels like Fifa 16 again, which was boring, meaning this years Fifa is boring AGAIN.
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    Just stamped on my pad had enough
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