Jonas SBC?

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For anyone that has completed the Jonas SBC how much roughly did it cost you in the end?


  • ImAnoob
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    Did it last week. Probably about 220k or so all up. That's with being impatient and using buy now on nearly every player lol so u could probably do it for cheaper
  • Libguy
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    Probably around 180k. I did it all in one go, so I wasn't waiting around for deals. But I did take the time to play around with the teams and see where I could save money by converting strikers to midfielders, playing left-mids at left-back, etc. I also had most of the gold players I needed already in my club.

    Remember you can usually get away with tossing some cheap goalkeeper in the outfield if you have enough players in the correct positions.

    So it's not too bad, but you will eventually be forced to pay 10k for some silver guy nobody would ever actually use in a game, which is sort of depressing.
  • YoungOne1990
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    I have 3 teams left to do. One of them being Vitoria Setubal which looks to be the most expensive. The plus side is I work nights so have been able to wait for some cheaper deals. I think so far with 15/18 done I'm somewhere around 70-75k in the hole and have 2 of the last 3 almost done. Im hoping it's going to cost after rewards etc I should of been able to do it for around 100-120k.
  • ImAnoob
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    He's well worth the money. Regret not doing it sooner lol playing him at cam in my bpl squad on 7 chem atm behind aguero and SBC son and he's amazing. Loving his long finesse shots
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