How many people play the weekend league?

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I wonder how many people play the weeked league, i mean it is pretty difficult to win 4 games in a row for most players.

I played 4 times with 2 weekends i played 35+ games both got gold 3, the other 2 i got no more the 5 games just to get 2 free packs.

But findings games is pretty easy so i guess alot of people play it( most of the games the other player leaves when we matchup? kinda weird because my connection is fine)

But my friends also play weekend league and only one of them ever made the weekend league. And most of them are pretty decent players but they all say they win 2 of 3 games and then come up against a pro...

Also would like to know how these match-up works are they skill level based or just luck? (both qualifiers and WL)


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