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The Sport Discussion Lounge (R.I.P. In Peace)


  • iHilarious
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    Jack wrote: »
    Forgot this place existed till I noticed somebody had followed one of my old links when looking at some stats on my blog.

    Hope everyone is well.
    And if anyone still visits, have a winner on me. Al Muffrih, 415, Newbury.
    Wins as far as they want it too.

  • Boabdust
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    Nice to see this thread back
  • Apollo
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    There being a darts grand prix without Thornton is just wrong :disappointed: Ruining the traditional longshot punt
  • Apollo
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    Anyone watching the darts? Anderson absolutely hates Price :D Not surprised, Price is an complete *
  • Apollo
    17419 posts World Class
    Price is literally one of the most insufferable *s I've ever seen in sports
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