Naingolan or Marchisio

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Which should I pick up for my central center mid in a 4-3-2-1?


  • PureFramez
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    Nainggolan. I have both but I much prefer Nainggolan Marchisio has nice passing and Dribbling but his stamina is not perfect for H/H
  • randomhero1090
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    Depends on how you play your 4321. Most would say Nain because he is more defensive and has a strong longshot.
  • indcolts18288
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    Nainggolan or Pjanic? Although in my case I need Pjanic's passing.
  • sausage4k
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    Nainggolan or Pjanic? Although in my case I need Pjanic's passing.

    Then go with Pjanic. My preference is for Nain in a CCM role but we all play it differently.
  • Dado BL
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    Naingollan is sick. Marchisio was underwhelming
  • Foolish
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    I use both in a team.

    Marchisio: More mobile and a better passer + dribbler, gets gassed out by about the 80th minute, though.

    Nainggolan: Stronger and feels like a more typical box-to-box all rounder.

    It's difficult to suggest one over the other since they're so different, just depends what you're looking for.
  • rensstyle
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    Ill choose marchisio, ill like my midfielders to be good at passing en dribbling and to get into the box, he does that.
    Guess if you need more power en longshots you should use naingolan
  • Rollin21h
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    Nainggolan for sure
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