What say you about the phenomenon that is the slide tackle on fifa 17? I rarely Use the slide tackle. My opponents seem to use it about 20 times per game.

How can I best make them pay? Or shall I just suck it up, and begin to incorporate this madness into my game?

Cheers mates. And happy Black Friday madness week.


  • Izzy2K17
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    I've been facing them a lot recently, so I've tried moving the ball around more, kinda tiki taka a little bit. You can kindda see when they're about to slide so I try to get rid of the ball so they get yellows, and then I pass it between the mids and defenders for a little while before I get back to playing like I normally do. Usually a few yellows calms them down a bit but some keep on doing it.
  • It's pretty obnoxious. I'm also looking for answers to beat it. My slow play style seems to get destroyed by a guy running full sprint at my guy and then taking him out with a slide tackle. I'm stubborn. I plan to try to figure a way to beat it.
  • mjs4p
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    Savages! :D

    Shield the ball and eventually they will get a yellow or red for a tackle from behind.
  • MattyD1000
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    I've played a couple of people who slid all match and got about 5 yellows and 2 or 3 reds.
    Half my team were injured during the match and they won at the end through some BS goal....
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