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Griezmann 4321

Johnny Bravo
1303 posts Professional
So this year I've found 4321 has suited me really well using a big man at ST who stays deep, holds up play and hangs at the edge of the box whilst the wingers and midfielders buzz around him.

Now I'm wanting to mix things up a bit and was looking to try Griezmann at striker in this formation. I know he'll drop off well, pass well and be decent shooting from the edge but is he going to be too weak? What formations work well for him and similar players that are a similar style? Was thinking about 4312 maybe?


  • mhh1981
    3013 posts National Call-Up
    In 4321 put all your top 3 stay forward, getting in behind, central - Griezman will be great there as its a counter-attacking formation. Personally, I have 41212 and Griez at CAM and he is a boss
  • CuteIsWhatIAim4
    8594 posts League Winner
    4321 Griezmann as RF with Gameiro IF as ST.

    Would never use him as a CAM though (he is a terrible passer). I'm currently using him in 41212 (2) with IF Gameiro or SBC Lacazette next to him.
  • Johnny Bravo
    1303 posts Professional
    I don't play counter attacking, I'm very much passing and slow build up play which is why I like the striker to come deep. My maon concern is him getting knocked off the ball too easily.
  • WinChungXuan
    178 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Just keep holding L2. This year its very OP.
  • mhh1981
    3013 posts National Call-Up
    433 cf formation?
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