Let's discuss - Custom Tactics, Handicap and all the incredible conspiracies.

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So after only making it into the elite rankings once, and that being my first ever attempt in the FUT Champions, i've finally made it there again, using a far lesser rated team than i was usually doing.

I've been using squads with a rating of 185 and 186 even, struggling to even make it into gold 1.

But as you can see, the squad i've attached a picture with is 181 rated, only giving them 4½ stars, and it's pretty much outperforming everything else i've been using.

I'm not saying it's a bad team, but considering what i've used before it is way less, but strikers like Niang outperforming the likes of SIF Icardi, for not to mention my defence, i've had players at an average rating of 84-85 in there, struggling to actually defend with them, but now that i've got an average rating of 80-81 there, it's much easier.

Of course i do have the likes of IF Kante, SBC Payet and IF Lloris making the ranks more solid, but every single player still feels better.

Considering i also used custom tactics and instructions with my better teams beforehand, i haven't touched a single thing with that team i'm currently using, and they still seem to do everything better.

Have any of you guys experienced better performance in the WL using a lesser team? And without using things like custom tactics and instructions?



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    Sounds like you basicly began to relax, and dont feel as much pressure with what you think is a worse team.

    Its all in the head.
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    There's nothing to discuss, EA's stance is it doesn't exist & the forum rules clearly state the subject is not up for debate.
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