Looking for that game changer legend... Two better than one?

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Hi peeps,

So I've got around 900k to spend and I want to buy a game changer legend.

When looking around, Hernandez looks very interesting a couple of friends had him in the draft and said he was amazing.

I've played with Figo in the last two Fifa's and loved him and also had Bergy in the last two and no words need to be said about Bergy, but I haven't played with them this Fifa.

So my question I'm looking for advice on is, which of these below would be best to build a team around -

Figo and NIF Bale
Figo and Zola
Figo and Deco.

The team around these would be a BPL Defense with Kante/Ozil etc and playing probably 4212 or 4321or 4231 which is my current fav however it would change if I bought Bale which I'm hearing is a defo game changer for a NIF

Thanks in advance peeps.


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