The Condemned - DIV 4

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We're looking for two players to join our club. We've been playing FIFA clubs for around 4 years together.

There's normally just the 3 of us and occasionally four of us depending if all is on. We normally play during the evenings as the majority of us have full time jobs too! We'll be in division one shortly! We always get there! ^_^

However we're finding it increasingly difficult with three of us playing in DIV 4.

We've got great chemistry, we play a very unselfish game. I wouldn't describe our football as tika-taka. We kind of play long ball tactics and use the wings. However we do mix it up a bit.

Hence why not many people fit into our style..

If you're interested feel free to post here!

Ideally would need a WINGER and a CF/CAM.


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