Training to beat PTB...

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Everyone is sick of coming up against PTB and as we know it is incredibly difficult to break down. I've been trying to work out ways to beat it, irl teams train to beat specific tactics but there is no such option to do this in FIFA as of yet.

So would anyone be interested in doing some attack vs defence practicing in regular head to head with the focus on breaking down PTB?

Basically the way I see it working is do a few Head to Head games where one player is the defender and the other is the attacker, the defender will go PTB spam Slides and all that awful stuff when they win the ball they will give the ball back to the attacking player so they can keep trying to break it down, try out new tactics, tweak custom tactics to try and find something that works, then obviously swap so the other guy can have ago

It just seems like a good way to practice without all the stress of playing actual games

I can't do it right now but should be around tomorrow, hopefully a few people fancy it and we can get some ideas shared for different techniques to beating it.


  • Uberman
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    This is a really good idea actually - Ill Throw Bayern and Juventus as good names to use as the defensive side
  • Martythedoc
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    Great idea, love to see the results unfortunately its 2am here and I'm about to go bed
  • Benjog88
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    Bumb for the morning peps
  • Ulook92
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    I have no problem with PTB. Just find space infront of them an shoot for crying out loud.

    Its combining that with 5atb and high pressure which makes it difficult to play against at times.

    It is a good idea though.
  • ScouserChris
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    If you play 3 cm you will beat 5 at the back, just pass it around there cb and spaces will come then, literally they wil pull a defender away out of position like that
  • Tekkerz
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    Guys just shoot from outside the box with any player the tough opponents to beat are the ones who create chances.
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