Fed up of this F*cked up game

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Managing to get relegated from division 2 right now and every game is just so dire.
It isn't smooth at all and I struggle to score more than 2 unless the guy can't defend at all, I'm always closed down and can't get much going. Seem to score most my goals when I make space 20 yards out and finish well from there.
Last game there were 3 own goals, I';m 2-1 up and it just deflects in off shaw's arm from a cross. Second i scored, a shot from lukaku just wide but flicked off a leg and iin, then again for him to win it, lloris saved but it still went in and gave an own goal...
What the hell?


  • Xpglobe
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    same here i swear either its HP or the servers are freaking laggy
  • Cip8
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    hahaha,that i so so soften , scoring an own goal (straightface) or the ball just flies at opponent player with an empty net
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