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Have I been hacked?

549 posts Sunday League Hero
I have randomly been signed off my companion app although I always have the password saved. When I entered the password it said it was incorrect. However I have not received any emails stating that my password has been changed? I have changed my password now although the companion app won't load. Can't get on my PlayStation to check. Does it sound like I've been hacked?


  • Just_Unfair
    4091 posts National Call-Up
    Yea it kinda does...would try and get on console asap
  • Hullock04321
    549 posts Sunday League Hero
    No way I can get on my console as I am in work till 11.00pm. Managed to get on the companion app and nothing is gone. What's has happened then do you think?
  • ScratchANDsniff
    421 posts Sunday League Hero
    does that from time to time with me, mass bidding or sniping at work lol. if you not doing that I don't know, you got trusted device settings turned on?
  • Hullock04321
    549 posts Sunday League Hero
    Literally done nothing on the app today apart from browse. Got trusted device setting turned on for the EA thing, where I get a text sent to my phone if someone signs on apart from this phone. I got nothing, also got no emails saying my password had been changed until I changed it myself. However, when I did check my EA account. There were numerous sign in's from all over the country where I've not been.... however they were in September and October? And nothing had been taken or changed back then, really weird.
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