❤️❤️❤️❤️ Server issues...potential fix.

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So, I like many on here have been suffering from crappy servers issues like random input lag, slow sluggish players, A.I not moving, etc. I always blamed the servers cause my NAT was open, had no packet loss, am playing wired, and had no issues on other games.

But I got on to qualify for Weekend League and got shat on by the servers in the finals twice, so I thought F' this and started looking around to see what help fix other issues in other games similar to this, and this one has worked for me....

All I did was set a static IP outside my DHCP range.
Disbaled Upnp
Forwarded all the ports that Xbox Live needs to my new static IP address

Been playing Weekend league qualifying tourneys all night and have not had a single issue. Out of the 6 tries I had left I won it 4 times...usually I am lucky to win once.

Bring on the weekend league.

You can just search google for a guide on how to set up a static IP on Xbox One.

Hope this helps some of you.
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