Talk to me about 4231 narrow... rate this team...

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My consistency sucks. Just sucks. I either own or it's an absolute struggle. I keep games close, but losing way too many games 1-0 or end up tying with a low score. My biggest attacking problem is getting clogged up the middle. If the runs are working, then no issue. When I go to a wider formation I end up giving up more goals and sometimes get shut down.

Basically, looking for balance. I've barely played the 4231 narrow, but the more I look at it the more I think it could work for me. Allows me 4 strong attacking players, 2 balanced CDMs and then the backline. Should provide spacing and a balanced attack (narrow and wide with the right tactics).

Curious if anyone has had success with it this year.

Also was considering this since the only player I don't have is Benz....

Like feedback. Not 100% sold on the CCAM. Feel like that player should be more B2B. If I have to do in game switches I will. That's not an issue.

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