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Which team is better in your opinion?

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I have 2 teams; and honestly they both play very well sometimes.

Team 1: 4-3-3 Holding

Carassco - W. Ben Yedder - C. Vela

Turan - - Rafinha
Andre Gomes
Tremoulinas - Varane - Gimenez - Carvajal

Notes: Ben Yedder plays as a false 9, Turan and Rafinha create and score as much as the forwards for me.

Team 2: 4-2-3-1 Narrow

Pereyra - Coutinho - Shaqiri
Kante - Gundogan
Shaw - Bailey - Smalling - Walker

Notes: Still working the kinks out a bit, I switch Pereyra and Coutinho sometimes to see if it produces different results. Ideally I'm still looking for a potential improvements on Pereyra who can't shoot, and Coutinho who seems to get pushed around too easily and not produce enough. That said when this formation plays well I feel like I have the ability to play with numbers down the middle and down the flanks while being rock sold defenisvely.


  • FallXFire
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    Added Note: If I have a gripe with the 4-3-3 is that even when I set my passing tactics to 36 (short) I still have to play very long passes and it can be tough to get the players connecting if my opponent really clogs up midfield.
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