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Anyone facing a lot of lag cheaters in seasons ?

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I was carving through divisions like a knife through butter I'm currently at div 5 and hit a wall of lag cheats and every other game is vs a stuttery unplayable 3 green barred lagger, anyone else experiencing lag cheats a lot on ps4 eu ?

My connections testing clean 160 down 11 up 0 ms jitter.

How can we solve the laggers issue ? these people are used to every game being like this it's simply not fair to enforce your lag on others imo.

Seems like xbox has less lag cheats in the EU ? i never see streamers have to play in laggy after laggy game.


  • Jamiecpfc
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    Yep same here. I find the higher up the leagues you go you find people will do anything they can to win. Constantly parking the bus and lag cheating is all I've faced tonight.
  • Just had a run from div 5 to 3 including first game that he quit at 4-1 around 60min Manu(me) vs real madrid. couldn't count how many were lagging.
    Just take the ball to your Def area, park the bus, roll the ball around and chew on the clock.
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