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Strength in this game is awful

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In real life players like Coutinho are fantastic. In this game they are worthless because they get tossed off the ball without being fouled like it is nothing.

If they have at least 70 strength they are fine but anything below and they are made of paper.

I'm not saying counting should be stronger but dribbling should be a bigger part of the game and more useful like it was in past FIFAs, even 16 and 15, so weak players who are good at dribbling don't suck way more than they in real life.

Solution 1; fix dribbling and skill moves so it is more responsive and not like playing with a cinderblock.

Solution 2; make bigger players bullying small players more likely to get a foul called because it is not realistic how useless weak players are with the way dribbling is right now.
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