Servers Constant D/C

Alright this is getting ridiculous I've been knocked off the servers 5 times this weekend league.

I haven't had a single disconnect in weekend league before. I'm still on xbox live without an issue.

The servers need to be fixed this is laughable.

Is anyone else having the same problem this weekend?


  • Ch1cha
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    I have the same, only happens on Fifa aswell.
  • Paciga45
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    Was just up 1-0.

    I get the loss and the DNF.

  • shiaan
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    Lmao u think thats bad? Ive been discon about 16 times ,says ive lost connection to ea servers yet when it takes me to main menu im still connwcted
  • Thats the same thing that keeps happening to me shiaan. I stopped playing as it was just getting too frustrating.
  • JHiL
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    Same here, also stopped playing after 3 DC in a row while leading. Last weekend 5 in a row, hopefully EA fix their bad servers quickly.
  • Ulook92
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    Ch1cha wrote: »
    I have the same, only happens on Fifa aswell.

  • Pikachu
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    Ch1cha wrote: »
    I have the same, only happens on Fifa aswell.

  • Ch1cha
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    can't even finish a single game anymore
  • Betrus
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    Not sure it's the servers. They say there's a quit glitch. I mean this happens to me only when I'm winning a match in Daily KOs.
  • I've had the same as well. Absolutely ridiculous. Should be resetting everyone's dnf and compensating those in the weekend leagues really.
  • I've noticed in particular for me this happens when I play after midnight (GMT - 5) I
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    I have the same. Just playing low division seasons as not a good player but is very frustrating and had it 4 times now & always seems to be when I have taken the lead.
  • WildaF3niX
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    Last weekend it happened once to me. This - none. Ppl rage quit and stuff like that but i never lost a conn after they left.
  • Martythedoc
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    I was 6-1 up, about to end a losing streak kicked off at 70mins.the losing streak went on and I mentally crumbled
  • Invincibility
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    edited November 2016
    What happend after the new patch/update so I didnt played this game that much only trading..

    last night 2 out of 3 matches got disconnected never had this before! Just a waste of time playing on weekdays..
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