Add an option to have Maxed LoDs on PC and Ps4-Xbone Fifa 17

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Hello everyone.

Before starting my discussion, I want this thread to be free of posts which are contradictory to my suggestion or things like "Gameplay is important bla bla". Thanks.

Okay, in PC version, setting the game to Ultra graphics doesn't actually max out the LoD (Level of detail) at all during gameplay camera. It was possible to max out the Lods by modding the game since Fifa 2005 and ended with Fifa 16 as Fifa 17 can't be modded, yet.

The advantages of maxed LOD are:

+The players dont look blocky.
+Shoes, socks and collars are rendered properly.
+Animations improve to a certain extent.

+The cloth physics is enabled during gameplay.
+The cloth creases move during gameplay camera just like cutscenes. Very noticeable change.

This maxed out Lods might not be optimal for all specs. But atleast give us the option to have Maxed out Lods and cloth physics in Fifa settings. That way we can turn it on/off.

^That is one of the example of what we did in Fifa 16. In the settings.lua we changed:

PlayerLod Percentage Multiplier: 100.00
Cloth On
Grass On

Please EA, give us the option to have maxed lod and cloth. Right now, Fifa 17 is looking worse than Fifa 11 (with maxed Lod) during gameplay camera due to static clothes and low poly players.

I hope this suggestion is considered.

Here are some Previews of Fifa 16 with Default and Max LODS:


^ Full size Image here:


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