4-5-1 is AWESOME

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Just thought I'd let you guys know, if you choose the right players and instructions, this formation is awesome. You need to instruct CM to stay back and get a guy like N'zonzi. CAMs should be converted strikers with high passing or CAMs with high strength like Ben Arfa. A striker with either 90+ pace or 90+ strength like Modeste is good and they need to be good in air. Good crossing backs and outside mids and you'll score a lot. Ive played one person in 200+ games in this formation. It is awesome


  • DtGodmage22
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    Crushed a guy 6 0 two reds and every other player had yellows he was using 451
  • jdros
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    3421 with instructions does the same thing and crowds the middle of the field better. If I were to play 4atb though it would be as you described - physical defensive minded CM, LM, RM with attack minded CAMs.
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