When you have no clue what formation to use in WL

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Maybe this will help you 4-2-3-1(2)

90 50 organized

70 50 65 ff

50 50 43 cover

st-get in behind

one cdm-stay back,man mark

second cdm-stay back,cut the lines

cam-stay forward,free form

rm,lm-cut inside,get in behind

both lb and rb stay back

for me works like a charm after many formations and CT :smile:

1. with 90 you have a very fast tranzition from defence to attack,the players are faster in finding free places
2. with 70 you make your players to make more runs in the last third of the field,you want your players to take some risks
3. for the shooting ,i found it ok for the rebounds,you have more players near the box

i start on balance,i don t like my defence to deep,maybe you want to put it on defensive,enjoy :smile:
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