No international offer

Hi Everybody,

I am managing WestHam united and has won lots of titles. I am currently playing the fifth season but have not received any International offers yet. Do you know what am I supposed to do? I would get international offers in fifa 15 and 16 around the end of the first season.


  • Smushs88
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    Are you sure you haven't somehow turned this off accidentally?

    I got an offer within 2 months of starting my managerial career with the mighty Hungary (I'm sure it's always bloody Hungary who offer me a job)

    I'd check to see if there's anyway you've turned them off in error.
  • I purchased the international offer from the catalogue. I didn't know if there is an option to turn the international offers on or off. I need to find it. I might need to re-install the game? Thanks
  • Smushs88
    30 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I'm not sure if there is either, thought I'd seen it mentioned somewhere but I may be incorrect.
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