Your higher divisions experiences?

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I've decided to start taking FIFA a bit seriously again, and aimed to get to division 1 from being in 4 a few days ago, I've only won 2 titles somehow, but I got promotion to 3, held, then went and won promotion to 2 in the 90th minute. I'm now 2-2-0 in division 2, but rather struggling, I feel like my best chances are by being the first to score and then holding on, had 2 1-0 wins, with a 1-1 draw after my keeper took a horrendous touch/auto pass and he crossed it back in from the resulting loose ball to level in the 88th minute, and also a 3-3 draw against Muriel and Niang (with Hunters)... where i was 2-0 down and could have won.
It's like I'm playing well but it's all quite tight and I can't win comfortably.

what's everyone else experiences?
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