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Bundes or Franch Striker

Johnny Bravo
1303 posts Professional
Can anyone recommend either a French or Bundesliga striker to play in a 433? Looking for someone in the mould of IF Benteke but only have 30,000 to spend.

Looking for someone big and physical to hold up play and win balls in the air. Would be nice if they had decent passing too to lay off to the midfield.

So far best option is Giroud but I was thinking of adding Sniper or Catalyst.

Any help would be apreciated as I can't find anyone who really fits the bill.


  • Kulman
    770 posts Semi-Pro
    IF Modeste
  • DSD27
    5712 posts Big Money Move
    Kulman wrote: »
    IF Modeste

    both in one aha
  • FRAZtheRAM
    655 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Kulman wrote: »
    IF Modeste

  • LeBrooon
    396 posts Sunday League Hero
    Very Cheap bundesliga Option ist Gomez.

    For me he was an absolutly beast out there
  • Johnny Bravo
    1303 posts Professional
    I've used IF Modeste before and was underwhelmed. Gomez is already in another team, Draxler has worked there before but not great in the air. As Giroud is cheap I might try him and Modeste there in alternative games and see which feels better.
  • Izzy2K17
    11698 posts Has That Special Something
    Chicharito for bundes
    Ben yedder, Gameiro French
  • Orikoru
    10712 posts Has That Special Something
    I really like IF Plea, but he's not huge, he's just sort of mid-sized. He has decent passing and dribbling though. Hawk chem will get him to 80 strength, or use Finisher for 85 strength.
  • Johnny Bravo
    1303 posts Professional
    I did look at IF Plea as someone tore me apart with him. Both my wingers are quite short and weak though and didn't think he'd have enough strength but didn't realise it's actually quite good for him.
  • ahm1388
    1183 posts Professional
    Volland is a beast. Managed to maintain around a 1:1 goal to game ratio with him in the 30ish games I used him for in
    But at 5'10 he isn't that good in the air
    Andre Hahn seems promising with his pace and physical stats. Especially the Movember one, but I haven't used him so idk

  • Volland is working really well for me, you should try him
  • ppeetteerr11
    1041 posts Professional
    IF Plea is a beat, maybe that was me that ate you apart with him cuz the ma's a beast! lol. You have many options, Volland is really good, but Hahn is your closest to Benteke.
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