What are the new little things you like in this years game?

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Imo there's way too much negativity over here, probably deserved since ea did **** all but there are a few good little things i like, for example the physical growth is better this year
The financial details are cool to see, although they dont do much. But its interesting to see how much you make from the debut of a stellar signing or who sells the most shirts


  • piccolo_bsc
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    Definitly the fact that you see how much a scouted youth player is worth.
    I hated signing a 70-94 potential with 49-63 rating just to see that he is a 50 rated player. It's much better now.
  • Momalpas123
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    the graphic effects, especially when playing at night. At least thats what I noticed back when I played it.
  • MJHD91
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    The new corners and free kicks were good until the first patch made it nearly impossible to win a header from a corner or free kick.
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