Renato Sanches OTW

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Think I may have hung onto this card a bit too long. I bought him for 135k a few weeks ago and his price is plummeting, he's now down to 119k and has been as low as 115. Do I bite the bullet, take my loss now and avoid any further price drops, or do I keep him and pray for an IF? What do you think?


  • Uberman
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    He isn't playing that much and from what i have heard he isn't playing particularly well either
  • Everton1878
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    WIrth keeping for internationals I reckon
  • Addicksfan
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    Depends if you need the coins or you are planning on using him.

    Personally I'd keep hold of him, he could come good at some point in the season and it will only take one IF to push the price up
  • BU11ET
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    Hardly a plummet, if he'd of dropped below 100k I'd understand but 20k over a couple of weeks id say thats actually pretty good.
  • wijnaldum16
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    Packed him myself, may as well keep him
  • CPFC16
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    Keep him for the internationals
  • Dan2501
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    I definitely don't need the coins. Got my team sorted for the next few weeks and have 135k in the bank, just don't want to hold onto his card for too long and lose a ton of coins. Think I'll just keep him for now and hope he gets an in-form at some point.
  • DobbyDooDah
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    He consistently floats around 115-140k. His potential for a Golden Boy SBC bumped his price and now the hype has wore off. He should rise a bit come an international break because of the potential for a defent performance.
  • DirtyDishFC
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    I woudl keep him atleast through the international break and see if he does anything for Portugal. In international weeks all he really needs is a goal to have a legit chance.
  • Sixtech
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    Going to buy one today because he will score for Portugal this week. Were going to be rich.
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