Indirect Free Kicks and Corners are not advantageous situations. Dead ball sucks.

More often than not I hate these dead ball situations.

Corners seem to have been massively nerfed post patch and the opponent usually has a good chance at a counter once the ball is inevitably cleared.

Free kicks outside of shooting range usually means your opponent blocks the short pass option, so once again, you're left to lump it in to the box and await a counter attack from the opponent when your defence is out of position.

Goal kicks are similar to the above as your opponent can easily man mark and steal the ball as sometimes the keeper will not distribute as you have input.

Also I hate the 'throw in build up animation'. Sometimes you can hit A to skip the cut scene and other times there is no cut scene so pressing A just throws the ball when you don't mean to.

Dead ball situations are frustrating as hell.
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