Highest transfer recieved?

Whats everyones highest transfer recieved on career mode?

Im in season 2 with Man Utd and sold Pogba for £170 million.

City offered me £143 but i counter offered and the second go they agreed.

Is this normal to see prices like this?


  • I haven't received that high an offer. But, I'm sure I read something pre-release about them making transfer offers more realistic inline with the way transfers are ramping up price wise. I did get Michy Batshuayi for less than 30 mill and am receiving offers a season later (now rated 86 or 87) for 85 mill plus. Can't bring myself to sell Plymouth Argyle top scorer!
  • My mates brother plays for sheffield and I bought him for 500k, then managed to sell him for 8 million a few years later. Not a massive amount, but not a bad profit margin. He ended up being my first team keeper as the one that I had for Port Vale wanted 4k per week, so I flogged him.
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