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A.i created chances and auto defending are the future of fut ?

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I am sorry but anyone that says the A.I doesn't create chances in fut is blind or benefits from this aspect of the game and wants the a.i to do things for them.

Why are so many players okay with the way you can be gifted or concede goals via the a.i sometimes ? it's laughable that people think it's fine for the a.i to have random events outside of a players control to create or concede goals.

It's a ridiculous thing to have in this game whereby neither player has done anything to create the goal outside of pressing through ball or shoot after the a.i event.

Sometimes I don't even do anything and I score the player does some auto skill move and dodges through defenders all I was doing was holding right and I score headers and I haven't pressed a button or even controlling the player that scored COME ON EA THIS IS A JOKE.

We need to reject all this now and kick up a stink the a.i shouldn't be tackling or skilling or doing things to aid or benefit anyone.

How did we get to this point where literally the a.i creates chances and events for people to score this should be unacceptable.

Come on this isn't football folks Fifa 18 will be a manager game at this rate.


  • DtGodmage22
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    Soon will just press a bunch and watch things happen
  • Gromit
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    You do realise that most of this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ HAS to be in the game.

    It's not real life, it's code, it's a video game.

    Just a quick example, rebound goals, love em hate em. Take them out of the game and you've just lost about 10% of all the goals scored in Fifa. And why should they be removed? Do they happen IRL? Sure they do.

    EA could easily remove them, and get rid of near post goals, and any other cheap goal but then we'd have a zillion 0-0 games.

    It's a game, it's not intelligent enough to be as unique and random as real life thus we get endless repetition of the same kinds of goals.

    There was Fifa's in the 90's where you could score 100% of the time from a certain area of the pitch. It's come a long way but people have to accept that sure 100% there is scripting because it's a video game that is running code, however user input is what activates that code not some predetermined EA BS that these conspiracy theorists try to suggest after they lose.
  • racecar101
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    it's a video game 1v1 buddy it's not real life we don't want real life randomness deciding wins and losses IT'S A GAME
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