3-4-3 Formation.

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I just started a new career with Chelsea and thought I would try to emulate real life with the 343 formation but it just does not work for me, games are pure battles for me, I draw or lose which doesn't bother me but it is just a grind.
I am on legendary but still cannot get into it, it is like the game has decided to punish you for using the 343. I was down to 15th in the Prem so decided to change. I changed to a 433 and have won the last two games 3-1 and 5-1. I would rather use the 343 though. Does anyone know of a good setup for this 343formation?


  • ThomasHK1979
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    What are your custom tactic settings?
  • Crow
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    edited November 2016
    I'm using the default or sometimes counter, they have not been altered. I use wing backs as I was getting caught with wide midfielders. I think I need better player instructions too.
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