Out of financial take-overs

Good morning chaps,

I'm playing a career mode with Marseille and want to keep it as realistic as possible (so I'm mid-table and playing the youngsters). Now the news has come out that the club has been taken over I want to do as well, however this is where the issue starts.

At the launch day when I started to play with Fifa, I bought all the items from the career mode section which made me believe I could use them when I want. Fact is you can't and now I'm out of take-overs.

Anyone who has an idea how to get this back? Can I reset something, logon with a new account and still be able to load my save game, or any other options I haven't thought about.

Hope you can help me out.



  • I thought that when during Fifa 16 and realized those items only work for that season you bought it, you can't get them back. They are just wasted unfortunately.. You best bet is to create a new account and start from level 1 again...Which isn't so bad if you are like me and create multiple manager and player careers, it's very easy to level up again and use the takeovers more smartly
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