Absolutely embarrassing

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The current state of FUT Champions is abysmal. The input delay that has plagued every single match I have played today in the Weekend League is shocking. It started with the millisecond delay per pass/dribble/change of player and then jumped up to - (after they went down for maintenance and disabled matchmaking) - to a 1 second delay. Eventually getting to the point where I was running off of the pitch before the game would realise I'm not pointing the analogue stick in that direction.

I've heard and read about input delay destroying the experience for users this year but this is the first time it's truly affected me. Before anyone says the ol': "you're just bad, get on with it" - I've got to Elite every weekend I have played FUT Champs, I'm not just saying this because I'm losing games, I'm currently sat at 10 wins 3 losses. I just don't see the point in grinding through this delay for the 40 games.

Anyone else experiencing this?


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