Anyone else regularly go on 5 or 6 game losing streaks?

I'm on one right now and I've just had to walk away for the day. Worst thing is it was in divisions (was in div 5, now relegated to 6 and lost my first 2 games there), so my losses were likely against others who are also not good enough to get into the WL.

Yes, I suck.


  • RadioShaq
    14808 posts Moderator
    Maybe not everyone knows champions starts early. Maybe wait till later then only the people who couldn't make it will be on.
  • Chivo
    82 posts Park Captain
    Last night lost 5 in div4 lost 2 first rounds for WL qualifying
  • silverdale10
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    I've pretty much had a pattern of 5 losses followed by 5 undefeated and repeat since starting FUT online this year. Suggests to me the Elo changes every 5 games.
  • FletchR32
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    Elo doesn't exist.. it's about scripting, FIFA has scenario type things in its code and tries to make you yoyo around 'for excitement'

    I've had the same thing.. won first 3 games then go 1-0 up next 5 games and lose them all! Some of these players were awful... 1 was even playing the offside trap which I couldn't take advantage of after my first goal because of his super human gk
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