Anyone used Carra?

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Looking to pick him and possibly Robbie up in the coming weeks, has anyone used Jamie for more than a few matches and could care to share?


  • TonyPicasso
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    Lmao figured no one would touch his Scouse **** #LalasFTW
  • Andybelfast
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    @Gabbalala has and loves him. I will have him shortly myself
  • TriggerMike
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    I played about 10 games with him (3 in draft and 6-7 in seasons) and he was very solid. Was always where he should have been and while pace hindered him at times, it was never really a big issue....pace catches a lot of defenders out at times anyways.

    I'm not sure I like the idea of spending big on a defender though when people like Otamendi and Smalling are much cheaper and more OP.
  • Kloral
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    Used him for about 40 games an he is very solid in everything bar dribbling. He turns like a truck but everything else is spot on and a height above average.
  • Peter
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    Will be picking him up for my Liverpooo team around black friday
  • TonyPicasso
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    Thanks gents, I've really enjoyed playing with my basic Liverpool team so far and wanted to know more about him before I start upgrading around the team. I'm thinking about waiting until Black Friday as well but it sure if should wait on Scream Team Matip... any thoughts on him?
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