Best 5atb formation?

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Looking at building a cheap 5 atb team to try out a new formation

Can anyone please let me know the most effective 5atb formation?

Also would like to know the best player instructions and custom tactics for the formation?

Thanks in advance guys :)


  • Zuka_Zama
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    Most people say 5212 or 532. I can't get on with any of them. I get scored on just as easily and i can't score at all. :(
  • rickir1
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    Have gone ahead with a 532 for now to try it out

    Building a cheap bpl team. Can't seem to find a formation to suit my style of play since the patch
  • ozcs_69
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    been there, done that, 5 atb is just a joke this year, you have to ptb any way, so why bother?
  • Kove
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    I actually play 5atb the 5221 and outscore people easily with an attacking mindset. I am effective trying to recreate the serie a teams of the early 2000s and 5atb is actually closer to a 3atb irl due to cdms pushing so far forward in game.

    If you think of each of the 5atb teams like a slightly deeper lying 433-2 for the 5221 and 41212 for the 5212 it makes more sense. I have a ball playing ccb in both cases (Hummels, Vertongen etc) and use the wing backs to create otherwise it can stagnate, but if should be used as a safe way to gather and recycle posession, not a way to ptb, because frankly no body enjoys that.

  • rickir1
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    It won't be a case of ptb. Will be using the wing backs as a means of starting attacks and extra defensive cover when I lose the ball in attack
  • Gripbrah
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    I reached elite in FUT Champs last weekend using 5212 always playing on Offensive
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