So what's everyone building??

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With the impending crash coming later this month player prices are anticipated to take a big hit.

What squads will you guys be building and how many coins are you expecting to spend on those squads?


  • rickir1
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  • Davey Sprockett
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    Got about 1.3 million to spend currently, hoping to get Luiz Hernandez, Zola, Gattuso and maybe Lalas for that amount.

    Probably a little optimistic, but I might get lucky.
  • rickir1
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    Had Zola at CAM in my main team last year and loved him, just felt so good on the ball. If I can pick him up again this year at a decent price I definitely will :)

    Otherwise I may spend the majority of my 800k on a stacked La Liga team and a cheap fitness team
  • uhMaZiiNq
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    No clue but I'll have between 7-800k to do so
  • Williejno1
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    No one I've Over 3mil coins and already bored shitless and fed up playing as every game feels the same and plus higher rated teams play trash so it's pointless even building a decent well stacked team
  • Benjog88
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    I'm gonna go something like
    ...........El Shar.......?......IF Mane

    I'm hoping to get one of Crespo, Kluivert or MVB for the ST spot
  • TriggerMike
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    I'm thinking Giggs, Scholes and then either Shearer, Roy Keane or OGS and then build around them but not even 50% sure
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