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Seriously people you are allowed two jerseys for a reason. Why would you have two that are the sane color? Just incredibly dumb.


  • pudgyfudgy
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    Came across one guy with dark red home and light red away yesterday. He still dared to flip it back and forth non-stop to get me to change mine (I was the home team, with a dark red kit). I simply left the game. A kit douchebag is almost certainly an in-game douchebag too.
  • Rinkdog
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    I agree. I just cannot believe how many times I run into this it literally makes no sense.
  • Gazza74
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    dude i played last night had man utd home and england away (red) as the
  • woggyboy86
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    Played a guy last night and we both had the movember kit on. Was a fun and interesting game lol
  • Torminator
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    If selecting the kit is already a problem I leave the game. As stated above, someone who is annoying with kits is bound to be a ssssshhh replay watcher. I also quit games against teams called 'the master' 'el fenomeno' etc... They are always sweaty high pressure slide tackle idiots.
  • Mackie17
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  • Jason1986
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    I don't see the problem with having two kits the same. There's certain stadiums where it's difficult to pick out your own players so you need a particular coloured kit. Some people are colourblind, maybe they can only play with a certain colour kit to avoid giving themselves a disadvantage.

    Only time there should be a problem is when both players have each kit in the same colour.
  • fitz88
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    Mackie17 wrote: »

  • JuvePerSempre
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    I feel like people just love the colour so much that they choose it for both the home or away kit, banking on the fact that 99% of players are not as dull as they are and so they will never run into a problem.
  • Rinkdog
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    I have actually asked some of these people why and they actuall seem oblivious to the fact that they have two jerseys that are exactly the same.
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