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Edit player in Fut.

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Not a big deal I know but im wondering if theres any way to do this. From the catalog i purchased the neymar air jordan boots and edited neymar to wear them. Yet on ultimate team he still has his default boots. Is there anyway to change this? Cheers.


  • DadBod
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  • Mini_Miudo
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    You can't edit players on FUT.
  • hayhor1
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    Mini_Miudo wrote: »
    You can't edit players on FUT.

  • Mul1916
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    I know in terms of the stats you cant thats fair enough just thought maybe the appearance would have been ok to edit. Same as how its always the ball from your club you play with, be it a home or away game. No big deal just strange. Noticed it in fut16 aswell with Bruno IF who had EA unbranded boots.
  • kayron16
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    You have to sell Neymar and buy a fresh one and he'll have the boots that you bought :#

    Ps. Only joking, unfortunately you can't change the boots
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