How many people over 30 have qualified for the weekend league?



  • Stephenchow
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    35 and qualified.
    But I dont have time to play full 25 matchs for only 3 days. Too much things to do at weekend.
    I have to play 8 match/day.
    Too tired.
    Anyone like me?
  • DadBod
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    Can we have a tourney for all members 30 and above? That will be fun
  • Mejok
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    I'm over 30 and I don't even try . Not because of the reactions but because I despise how those games tend to be played. To me the way the WL games are played is just unbearable and even the victories are not enjoyable. Come to think of it, that kind of sums up how I feel about FUT in general these days.
  • DodgyAussie
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    Qualified 6 from 6... and I'm 36.
  • jdros
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    I qualified this week, first time I tried. Won't be able to play Saturday or Sunday because I'm coaching in tournaments, but I'm going to try to get 10 matches in today to see what happens. As someone else said, I tend to not enjoy the way really competitive FIFA matches are played so not sure I'll really enjoy it.

    I will say that I had a nice conversation with the person I beat in the final...I sent over a GG at the end and we wound up chatting and were both actually complimentary of each each other. It gave me hope that not everyone is a troll.

    I'm 41 BTW.
  • Diggy
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    44 & qualified
  • Aspral
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    I'm in the second half of my 20s now and I used to be much better when I was younger. But I'm still able to get over 20 wins in the WL.

    My uncle is hospital bound nearly every week through health issues.

    They have an Xbox there and he plays Fifa. He's 52 and he's very good at Fifa. I don't think his reaction times are horrendous and he still gives me a good game.
  • Daveofwales01
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    I failed this week after making the last 2, it sucks not to be in it but I'm kind of relieved as I felt a sense of urgency to get the games played last 2 weeks and now I can relax and play some divisions. The difference this week is I played my way instead of copying youtubers, enjoyed the games more but it didn't bring me success, still at least I had fun
  • Dimsky
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    40 and qualified several times. Got Gold 3 last weekend, but I don't have time to play all 40 games unfortunately.

  • I'm 28 and usually play fifa stoned so my reaction times suffer. Not had problems qualifying but 30+ wins is a real stretch man.
  • aladdin
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    31 and qualify for the weekend but never have the time to play. haha
  • 36 here, always qualified, mainly through Div1 (only first couple weeks won daily tourneys to qualify.
    I love this game to test and keep good reaction times even if I have to admit that they are not even comparable to some years ago.
    Yet I managed to always reach gold2 at least.
  • Prinzar
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    I'm 31 and haven't qualified, though I've only tried this week. I usually can't play online games because my disabled daughter barely sleeps.
    My play has improved over the past few years. I'm able to beat the Barcelona on steroids gameplay that the cpu throws at you, and feel more able to beat the auto defending online now.
    With a better team I think I could qualify
  • Joeyalltheseven
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    Can we have a tourney for all members 30 and above? That will be fun

    This would be fun
  • Bobinho23
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    31, qualified almost every week. But i never actually play more than 10 games or so during the actual WL, highest i got was Silver 1, i think :)
  • Joeyalltheseven
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    Qualified this week and I'm hopeful to get all 40 games done but I'm gonna have to grind today and tomorrow.
    4 hour bursts with 4 hours break in between, if I don't get all 40 done I won't care
  • AkeySlake
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    edited November 2016
    I'm 29 and just qualified for the first time. I don't have much time to play this weekend but from what I've read, sounds like it's a good thing. I fully expect to get walloped so any kind of positive result is a bonus.
  • Robes
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    Bobinho23 wrote: »
    31, qualified almost every week. But i never actually play more than 10 games or so during the actual WL, highest i got was Silver 1, i think :)

    Think you might need to revise that silver 1... silver 1 is 14 wins if you managed 14 wins out of 10 games I think EA need to look at yur account. :wink:
  • Minty89
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    I'm in div 1 I'm 27 don't know if my abilities are waining as I'm getting older or I'm out of the "loop" with the latest exploits and overpowered
    players. I automatically qualify but I'm put off
    WL by the reviews about it by posters on here.
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