The FUT problem with Belgium

If you want to create a Belgian based team you have quite some problem on the right flank. You pretty much only have the average player Praet.

In reality, with Belgium, the RM/RW spot is filled in by either Dries Mertens or Yannick Carrasco

But in the game every decent Belgian is for some reason on the left side and there you have Eden Hazard. Every other decent winger being another left doesn't reflect reality. So Mertens & Carrasco should also have a RM/RW card.

Praet isn't even all that good anyway, he's overrated and not a good winger.


  • JeankeII
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    In their clubs Mertens and Carrasco play LM/LW. Thats what EA focusses on.

    It is however very true that for Belgiums national squad they play Right side.
    Cld just play a BPL RM and then sub on carrasco.
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