One feature you would add?

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It's not actually an addition to Fifa career mode, but it would help when playing career mode and add to realism....the biggest thing I want is to be able to mix and match kits, wear your away shorts with your home kit etc. Man Utd wear black shorts at Everton, Chelsea wear blue socks when playing at Swansea etc.

I actually feel it is a huge necessity, so many lower league teams have just a home and away kit, no third makes avoiding kit clashes absolutely impossible in career mode.

My team Leeds..for some reason..don't have their yellow 3rd kit on the game. What the hell am I meant to wear at Brighton, QPR? If I could mix and match the home/away kit, it would make kit clashes so much easier to avoid.

Why is this not already in the game? Is it likely to ever be in the game?


  • iFabi
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    To be honest, it's first time I see someone express their thoughts about mixing the home and away kit. I never thought of that.

    Actually, it's not a bad idea at all, but I think the main maneuver about the kits is all about how the clubs choose their home and away kits under an official tag.

    I think the first thing to do about it would be to add to at least 80% of teams the 3rd kit - too many is missing, you gotta admit. Would be great to fix this first, and then to think about mixing between them.

    Huge like tho' for your idea, bud!
  • Smushs88
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    Not so much a feature I would add just a bit more refinement on the pre-match interviews, maybe adding in post match ones too.

    Pre-match interviews that actually have more options / impact than they do currently, about to play your local derby? Why not get your team fired up or rile up the opposition manager causing in-game rivalries / friendships etc.

  • WizardMD
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    agreed!, and more customization is needed definitely
  • Bigpalt
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    Has to be the ability that Young players could get more stars in both skills and WF
  • Cooler08
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    Id like there to be a goal of the month/season feature.

    This would add some real excitement to Career Mode because if you score a great goal, you'd be wondering whether it will be selected for goal of the month or possibly goal of the season.

    When deciding if a goal should be selected, it would factor in all the important elements that make a great goal i.e. technique used when shooting, the distance from goal that the goal is scored, a long passing move leading to a goal, etc... so only truely quality goals will be selected.

  • ThatBoyBobs
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    I agree with mixing and matching shorts with kits and socks. This was in past soccer games, I forget which one it may have been "Winning Eleven" years ago, but seriously - this isnt asking a lot and its something I know fans would enjoy. I know I would. wearing the Black shorts with the Red kit of Man U. Etc... it would be really cool and development wise its not like you'd have to write thousands of lines of code to make it happen. Just a little tweak.
  • ThatBoyBobs
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    The ONE FEATURE I would add is the ability to CREATE BOOTS/CLEATS! Just like NBA 2k16/17 , you can either edit REAL boots that are already in the world and in the game or you can start from scratch and make either ADIDAS / NIKES / PUMAS ...etc. And as far as licensing , in NBA 2K you HAVE to make the emblem (NIKE check mark) logo VISIBLE, there are select spots you can put it and as long as its visible, its not an issue with licensing. This would be amazing and Im sure people would even pay a couple dollars DLC for it.
  • PPerfect_CJ
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    Totally agree with the mix and match option. I've been suggesting that for a couple of years. The things I want most are to be able to control EVERY TEAM in whichever league you are in and full player editing while IN Manager Mode.
  • Dexx73
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    To be able to scout ur upcoming formation,form,top players etc...also to be able to watch your matches and still make tactical changes,substitutions etc. You can watch games in kick off mode but not in career mode...(to be able to watch the match from the dugout would be cool too).
  • Id like them to include if you score 38 goals in the premier league the commentators acknowledge that...maybe also include all time premier league all time goal scorer and mention when you move past someone. Also maybe a table where you can view how far up the lists you are.
    Another option could be the player of the year awards/young player of the year and maybe ballon d'or where managers get a vote?

    I like the idea of goal of the month too as someone mentioned above
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