Best lengend you've used/played against

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Just dusted off that Deco legend loan card that I had in my club, silky smooth play quick on the ball, nasty long shots and curlers. Who's on your list of best legends?


  • Martythedoc
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    Never played with one but against Ole Gunner. Was a monster finsher. 4 goals he scored
  • Menaceuk
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    Have only played with Lehmann(loan) and George Best. Both were disappointing.

    I am curious if Keane is a beast like he was last year, this FIFA 17 seems even more suited to him and Veira.
  • Hody
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    Last year Kluivert, Lehmann and Matthaus were all amazing
  • CounterLicious
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    Rui Costa. Scored 25 and assisted 31 in 19 games. Brilliant playmaker.
  • Chris Ohh
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    I have Solskjaer and he's amazing

    Scores for fun and surprisingly good long shots
  • Diggy
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    Depends how much coin you are spending go & read the legend thread in Xbox CC
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    Score almost every free kick with roberto carlos, 35 yards out, RS him into position on the outside of his left foot, hold L1, push LS left and SLIGHTLY up, 75% power, it's almost a glitch how much it scores.
  • TriggerMike
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    Jamie Carragher.

    Only one i've used and came up against none as yet :joy:
  • Arno42
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    Best , Gullit , Zanetti , blanc for the moment
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